Топики по английскому языку

Topic 1: Globalisation as a recent trend. Its advantages and disadvantages.
Topic 2: What is necessary for a local company to become a global one?
Topic 3: What is branding? Why do we need brands?
Topic 4: Types of brands. Brand stretching.
Topic 5: The problem of counterfeiting and fashion piracy.
Topic 7: Advertising methods. Successful advertising campaign.
Topic 8: Media. Outdoor advertising.
Topic 9: The main stages of applying for a job.
Topic 10: The main questions asked at the interview. How to select the best candidate.
Topic 11: International trade. Free trade and protectionism.
Topic 12: Innovators vs. Imitators
Topic 13: Legal forms of organization.
Topic 14: Organization of working hours
Topic 15: Risky investing. Financial Disasters.
Topic 16: International corruption.
Topic 17: Suggestion for managing the changes effectively.
Topic 18: What is strategy? The base of successful strategy.
Topic 19: Merger. Takeover. Alliance.
Topic 20: Cross-cultural differences. Cultural awareness.
Topic 21: What makes a great leader?
Topic 22: Leaders vs. Managers.
Topic 23: The generic strategies to gain a competitive advantage.

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